Signature Freeze Facial

A combination of sculpting the face with radio frequency and boosting it with a collagen modelling mask while infusing serums into the skin will shrink pores, smooth the texture giving a refined look to your face with tighter brighter skin!

The Loft Facial

This is a classic facial with our high end line of skincare finished with a facial steam & massage

Alumier Medical Spa Facial

Customized to your skin’s needs

Alumier Glow Peel

An advanced resurfacing solution that visibly improves the signs of aging, brown spots and hyperpigmentation w/minimal downtime

Alumier Neutralized Peels
  • Red Carpet Peel
  • Rosacea Peel
  • Acne Peel
  • Oily Skin Peel
  • Sensitive Skin Peel
  • Hand Peel (Perfect for those Sun Spots)
Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Facial

Using high level sound wave technology this allows us to penetrate deep below the surface promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and swelling and improving skincare product penetration.

LED Light Therapy

Add LED light therapy to any facial service. Blue light kills bacteria that causes acne. Red light speeds healing and stimulates collagen production shrinking large pores and tightening the skin. Green Light lightens hyperpigmentation spots and calms redness in the skin.

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