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Venus Legacy

Tighten Skin & Shrink Fat. Bye Bye Cellulite Hello Positive Aging

Hair and Extensions

Our Stylists are trained in the latest / trendiest styles


Get your glow all year.

Botox & Filler

Our licensed nurse injector has years of experience in the cosmetic injectibles industry

Foot Care

Treat your feet to some Loft style pampering


Professionaly trained Eye Lash Extension artists are here to get your lashes long and gorgeous


Treat your skin right with the Loft’s signature facial


Take your look to the next level with our in house professional make up artist.

Teeth Whitening

Take care of your teeth and your smile, with our Smile FX Teeth whitening system.

Ion Foot Detox

We tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of toxins and acidic waste products that build up in fat cells, joints, muscles and even organs such as the kidney and liver. The Ionic Foot Detox is a detoxification system which helps the body eliminate many of these toxic materials safely and naturally! The highly concentrated [...]

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